Female Rockers logoFemale Rockers is an independent project that kicked off in February 2020 for entertainment purposes only. But things got more serious with newly found directions, soon. Founded by a group of art lovers (musicians, painters, writers, graphic designers, programmers and rock n’ roll lovers), we realized that in the world of art, there are many fantastic artists that seldom get a chance to be seen due to the fact that there are lots of art dealers that impose immense financial demands for a new artist to emerge and be seen.

We dug more into it and found out that there are a lot of areas in art suffering from this and as active members ourselves, we realized that many men and women artists who have been practicing their craft and instrument for years and years but not with much audience, are actually the victims of the “business of art”. Imagine a great unknown painter who never had a chance to be seen except for their friends who saw their works in their basement. Most art galleries charge a big amount of money only to represent this artist and then later mooch off a big percentage of the sales. That’s not fair. The representation should be an honor for the art gallery and the percentage should be fair only after successful sales. It’s just painful to see artists suffer like this.

It’s not fair to charge an artist a dime. They’ve been spending years of effort and have spent so much money on classes, materials, and so on to be where they are today, and it’s not fair for magazines, channels, managers, labels, etc to charge them again for promotion.

And if you’re a woman in rock ‘n roll, though it’s gotten much better, you may have extra difficulties to prove yourself as a legit musician. Our interviews with female musicians of rock clearly show this problem. Our project is a feministic initiative to empower talented female musicians of rock and all its subgenres (not pop, hip-hop, rap, trap, or other genres of music that have forced their way into rock, but more adhering to the classic rock style), regardless of their non-musical background, style or attire, and give them a platform where they can present their art for free (for independent musicians who are not signed or aren't being managed by an agency).

We decided to be that platform, to gain a fan base of art enthusiasts and introduce all these artists to our followers via our channels, mainly this website, as well as other social media platforms. All the interviews, articles, and other promotional materials on this website have been collaborative without charging the artist. We do this because we love art and artists and because we have suffered similarly, one way or another, on this path. And we have decided to limit our monetizing plans only to visitors and other collaborating media, but never our musicians. Their job is to improve their art and to make great music and to be loyal to art, and we thank them for that. Without them, this project wouldn’t exist, and everyone should know that.

May art be for art… and rock for all!

Female Rockers Team